Dürr Systems, Inc.

Dürr Megtec is a leading global supplier of environmental solutions and engineered products tailored to meet customers` industrial process requirements. We offer a complete portfolio of air pollution control technologies and drying and curing systems.

Manufacturing processes produce exhaust gases and vapors that can harm the environment if not treated. Our emissions control solutions include oxidizers (regenerative thermal, regenerative catalytic and recuperative catalytic), wet electrostatic precipitators, solvent recovery systems, wet scrubbers, selective catalytic and selective non-catalytic reduction (SCR/SNCR) products, and distillation and purification equipment. We also supply industrial dryers/industrial ovens for roll-to-roll and web forming applications such as graphics printing, nonwoven fabrics, membranes, and optical films and specialized coating lines for lithium-ion battery electrode coating.

Source: https://www.environmental-expert.com/companies/duerr-systems-inc-77