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After some time, in addition to the polder drainage pumps, pumps for handling sewage were developed. By the 1950’s this advance opened the way to wastewater purification units being used widely and efficiently.

Also research, development and innovation are very important to keep ahead in the present water market. Worth mentioning are :

LANDY hydropower screws for generating sustainable energy
New decentralized sanitation techniques, featured by reduction of energy consumption and contribution to a circular economy
Innovative and sustainable water technology.

Water is a vital source of life and exists all around us. Our activities and products revolve around it. We have the expertise and capabilities to provide solutions for every segment in the water chain. Our LANDY products are used for handling wastewater, surface water and for generating renewable energy (hydropower screws). Landustrie has been active in the water technology sector for more than 100 years. Our strength lies not only in our extensive experience but also in the quality of our reliable products and our pragmatic attitude. We like to think along with our customers when it comes to ? nding the optimal solution of a problem or design and delivery of a project. Despite Landustrie’s rich history, we continue to focus on new technologies, innovate and develop our products. Sustainability is one of the important pillars in our product development process.